Richard Parlato

Richard Parlato has designed and managed the production of high-impact meetings and conferences throughout the United States for over thirty years. Under the banner of Parlato Productions he has created and managed high-impact events for such clients as General Dynamics, Middlebury College, the Vermont Mozart Festival, and Burton Snowboards, among others.

In 1996 he founded Proximity, a videoconferencing and telepresence provider that rapidly become the largest provider of managed public videoconferencing services in the world, with more than 3,500 rooms available globally. In 2004 Proximity served as the case study for “Videoconferencing Demystified,” the widely acclaimed text about videoconferencing service and technology management. Both remain fundamental elements of Parlato Production’s success formula.

To ensure the maximum impact of a corporate event, it is vital to create a proper plan and assemble a talented team that is suited to the needs of the occasion. When you choose Parlato Productions for your event, you get much more than stage production because stage production is only one element of a successful and memorable event. Parlato’s experienced team of professionals manages the event from planning to post-production, including development of a project plan that addresses event themes and work considerations, presenter, speaker and talent management, projection, audio, and stage design and setup, and all other elements required to ensure the delivery of a powerful and compelling business message.

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