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Planned events are all about personal impact. To ensure that a corporate gathering is influential and memorable, it is vital to not only have a plan for event execution but to also to bring in the right event management team. Parlato Productions is that team.

Many believe that stage production is the central issue in event coordination, but that is only one piece of the success equation. Our experienced team manages your event from initial planning to post-production, including development of a project plan, selection of event themes and work considerations, and presenter, speaker and talent preparation. We manage all of the event-related elements required to guarantee a powerful and compelling business message, so that you don’t have to.

Here’s how it works: First, we work with you to ensure that we understand where your organization is going and how you want to get there. We then develop the messaging required to make it happen, and package that messaging to ensure that it is delivered in the most effective and relevant manner possible at the event.

There are dozens of elements involved in the overall planning, setup and tear-down process: Advance work with venues, location logistics, venue selection, management of the telecommunications interface, management and engagement of local labor, drayage, and having a full-time management team on site to manage the event from initial setup to room restoration.

We believe that you want your audience to remember the event message, not the audio-visual environment. Our job is to be invisible to the audience. The only thing that they should see is you and your message. We make that happen.

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